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How to Know it's Time for a Toilet Repair

Most of the time, our home's toilets are in the back of our minds as homeowners. That is until something goes wrong. While a smooth running toilet can fade into the background, a toilet in need of repair can become a significant inconvenience for busy families.

While an obvious crack or missing component may lead you to phone our professionals right away, other less obvious issues may be in desperate need of a solution if overlooked. It's always a good rule of thumb to regularly inspect your toilets for potential problems that could snowball into more costly repairs.

Not sure what to look for in a toilet that requires professional attention? Don't worry; we're breaking down the most common toilet issues that could potentially affect your home's entire plumbing system. It's crucial to watch for these signs, as a malfunctioning toilet can lead to water damage and increased water consumption.


5 Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Repaired

1. Consistent Clogs

There are few things as frustrating as a clogged toilet! While occasional clogs happen in most households, if your toilet falls victim to blockages on a consistent basis, you may need to call in our team of professionals. A misaligned part or deeper blockage may be to blame, but a professional inspection can discover the root cause and resolve the problem.

2. Difficulty Flushing

It may be obvious, but if it's difficult to flush your toilet, it could be time for professional plumbing assistance. If you have to crank your arm multiple times to force your toilet to flush, something is amiss within the unit. Similarly, if your porcelain throne can't seem to produce a single flush, call our team at DAZ Plumbing & Locating.

Faulty flushing indicates that there may be an issue with the flushing mechanism, leading to a waste of water. There could also be an underlying plumbing problem, like low water pressure or clogged water jets. All of these issues will require the expertise of a professional plumber!

3. Rusty Components

If your toilet is older, you may come across one or more rusted components. In the case you discover a rusted part, know that it should be replaced as it is worn. Any corrosion that has spread throughout the toilet may indicate the need to replace the entire unit.

4. Water Leaks

No one likes a leaky toilet! Not only can the excess water impact your floors and leave behind lasting damage, but it can also skyrocket your monthly water bills. All around, a leaking toilet can affect your home in more ways than one.

Leaks are one of the more serious signs of a necessary repair, so you shouldn't hesitate to call our team for professional toilet repair services. Time is truly of the essence when it comes to minimizing the impact of leaks, so give our team a call at (972) 737-5859 the minute you suspect one in your home!

5. Strange Noises

We're all accustomed to the usual sounds our plumbing fixtures emit, but if you notice a strange gurgling or suction noise coming from your shower or sink after flushing the toilet, a more significant problem could be brewing. A blockage in the drain vents is often the root cause of these noises, and a professional should treat the clogs immediately.

Trusted Toilet Repair in Dallas

We understand the importance of keeping your home's toilets running like clockwork to serve your family's needs. Our plumbing professionals have years of experience in toilet repairs and installations. You can always expect professionalism and efficiency from our talented team at DAZ Plumbing & Locating. To experience quality service for yourself, give us a call at (972) 737-5859 or fill out our online contact form.