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Is My Sewer Line in Need of Repair?

Your sewer line is one of the main components that keep your home running smoothly. Although it may be hidden and out of sight, homeowners should show regular attention to their sewer line and know the warning signs of a damaged line to catch minor issues before they turn into larger headaches.

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Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

Keeping your sewer line in good working order is essential to removing hazardous wastewater efficiently and safely. Knowing the signals of a broken or damaged sewer line is the first step to protecting your home from extensive sewer-related damages. So let’s dive into the most common signs of a broken sewer line:

Soggy Yard

You’ve worked hard all season to perfect your luscious lawn and notice a few wet areas. What’s the culprit? A damaged sewer line! Lines that are broken or cracked often lead to soggy spots throughout the yard where escaping wastewater collects.

You may also notice the signature scent of sewer or even a pest infestation near the affected areas. Rats and cockroaches are some of the most intrusive pests that are attracted to the smell of sewage, even more reason to nip a damaged sewer line in the bud!

Lush Spots in the Yard

If you’ve noticed growth or luscious spots throughout your landscaping without raising your green thumb, this could be cause for concern. Think about it: a damaged sewer line is basically feeding fertilizer to your yard. If your yard has been looking greener than usual in certain areas, call in our professionals for a diagnosis!

Sewage Smells

While you may not be able to quickly identify a damaged sewer line with your eyes, your nose sure can! If the scent is strong enough to enter your home, it’s time for asewer line repair. Our experts at DAZ Plumbing & Locating have years of experience with sewer repairs and can restore your line and the comfort of your home!

Expensive Water Bills

Like most homeowners, you probably review your monthly water bill for water usage and cost fluctuations. While slight increases in warmer months are expected, your sewer line could be damaged if there are noticeable spikes in your water bill. Repairing your line as soon as possible can help get those water bills back on track!

Slow Drains

Slow drains can be a nuisance, but they can also point to a more significant underlying issue. Suppose multiple drains throughout your home are taking longer than usual to do their job. In that case, this could be signaling an obstruction in your sewer line.

Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t stop at a simple sewer line clog. If an obstruction remains in your sewer line, water accumulates and builds up pressure in the line. This could lead to devastating water damage and possibly mold growth. So don’t let slow drains slip your mind!

Mold Growth

Mold loves to grow in moist environments where it can thrive and multiply. As we mentioned previously, a damaged sewer line can create the perfect environment for mold to grow and affect your home. If you’ve noticed signs of mold throughout your home but can’t seem to pinpoint the root cause, it may be your sewer line.

Need Sewer Line Repair in the Dallas Area?

If you’ve noticed one or more of the above warning signs, we encourage you to call for sewer line repair as soon as possible! A damaged sewer line won’t fix itself on its own and requires professional attention. Our reliable Dallas, TX plumbing team at DAZ Plumbing & Locating is highly trained and experienced in sewer line repairs. There’s no issue, big or small, that we can’t resolve!

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